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The Bishops Pilgrimage 2010

On Thursday October 14th, the Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch, Lord Bishop of Manchester visited our parish on his Run the Race Look to Jesus pilgrimage around the Diocese.

Starting at St Thomas, he went on to St George, made a home visit whilst there, went up to the Town Library, over to Gee Tees and down to St Bartholomews school for his reception. Later that evening he ministered to us at St Bartholomews Church.

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St. Thomas's church and school Mr. Dean head teacher was also on hand He laid hands on us
A group picture The exhibitions A project on cotton
Westhoughton then and now The Bishop went outside He enjoyed his time
The Bishop chats Bishop shows how he does it The Bishop is keen to show his skill.
The children have their go The Bishop then watches the older teams Many of the junior children play after school basket ball
The children loved him The Bishop enjoyed his chat Next the older children
Award winning school The Bishop arrives at St George Gary and The Bishop looking in on what the cafe church were doing that day.
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